Thursday, July 14, 2011

"UP" House for Sale: Balloons Not Included?

" 'Up' for Sale: Cartoon House Comes to Life"
Colby Hochmuth, (July 14, 2011)

"...A Utah builder has painstakingly built a house to be an exact real-life replica of the iconic animated home that took flight in the 2009 Disney film 'Up.'

"The project started when Blair Bangerter, co-owner of Bangerter Homes, saw the movie 'Up' which, with the help of a bunch of helium balloons, flies off to the wilds of South America with its 78-year-old owner...."

"...The house is selling for around $400,000 and Bangerter is looking for the perfect buyer....

"...While the asking price may be a little hefty for the Utah neighborhood where average home prices float in the $270,000 range, Bangerter hopes someone will be able to see past that.

"A reason why the price is so high, Bangerter says, is because a lot of the house had to be specially made and designed to resemble the original house from the film....

Make that closely resemble the UP house. Bangerter had a copy of the film on his laptop, referring to it more than 100 times during construction.

Still, there are some things a non-virtual house probably can't do - like float away, lifted by a gargantuan agglomeration of particolored party balloons.

'Mere Promotional Tactic?' There's Got to be Easier Ways

"...taking a cartoon home and making it life-size was challenging to build. The team found difficulties mimicking the pitch of the roof, the stairs, windows, and some of the small details of the house....

"...For those who say that Bangerter's project has just been a mere promotional tactic, he says it is something that has come from his heart.

" 'I'll be sad to say goodbye to it, its been a project a year in the making, but I hope someone with a great imagination will be able to call this place home. "

The Lemming's pretty sure that Mr. Bangerter knew how much attention an "UP" replica house would attract. But the Lemming's also pretty sure that there are easier - and less expensive - ways to get attention. Doing your own television ads, wearing full academic robes topped by a propeller beanie, comes to mind.

Not quite the same sort of attention as the "UP" house - but attention nonetheless.

If you're in the Salt Lake, Utah, area later this month, you could take a look at Mr. Bangertner's project -

"...Bangerter Homes brought the home to life for the 65th Annual Salt Lake Parade of Homes, which opens July 29 and runs until Aug. 14, where the public can get a close-up tour...."

Would the Lemming buy a house that looked like the one in "UP"? Probably not. It's not that the Lemming lacks imagination. Mostly, it's because the Lemming already has a pretty good place to live, here in central Minnesota: and $400,000, although the house is probably worth every cent, is more than the Lemming has to spend.

Still, the Lemming hopes that someone with the budget and the lively imagination buys the place: and thoroughly enjoys it.

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