Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lemming Tracks: The Lemming's Taking a Sabbatical, Sort Of

The Lemming's done time in American academia, and grew up in that subculture: so for the Lemming, a "sabbatical" is what the University of Sussex says it is: "A period of time (usually a term) when a faculty member is not teaching, but concentrating on his/her own education or research."

Sussex is on the other side of the Atlantic, the Lemming isn't a faculty member, and doesn't intend to be gone for a term. For that matter, the Lemming's not going to be doing his own education or research. Not entirely, that is.

But "taking a sabbatical" sounded cooler than "taking a break."

Besides, being the company gopher at a convention isn't exactly "taking a break."

"Company?" What Company?

The Lemming's involved with the company that makes Spiral Light Candles. If a picture's worth a thousand words, this half-size video should be a real time-saver. It's a time-lapse of a Spiral Light Candle - the thing takes about two hours to burn.

"Spiral Self Filling Candle"

(shown half-size: full version at YouTube)
Ryan Theis, YouTube (Oct 12, 2012)
video, 0:19

"A candle that burns around a hollow center and fills itself...."

The Lemming's son-in-law is showing the things at a trade show in Philadelphia next week. Just outside Philadelphia, actually: but the Lemming figures you're more like to know where Philadelphia is, than King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Besides being the company gopher at the convention trade show, the Lemming's going to be handling streaming video - using software that the Lemming didn't know about last week.

Between getting on speaking terms with a new-to-the-Lemming technology, and miscellaneous other preparations, the Lemming thinks it's best to not try posting in this blog - or the Lemming's other 'daily.' Not for the rest of this week. Or, probably, next week.

Return of the Lemming

The Lemming doesn't know what the trade show schedule will be like - and jobs one and two will be gophering and managing a video feed. So the Lemming will either have opportunities to post from Pennsylvania - or not. Eventually, the Lemming plans and hopes to return to central Minnesota, and the small town he's called home for the last quarter-century.

When that's going to happen? Good question - the Lemming's letting someone else do the heavy lifting with those decisions.

It's Not Research, Quite; or Education, Exactly

Since someone else is doing the driving at least part of the way to Pennsylvania, the Lemming's taking along story notes and sketches - and plans to get a little creative time in. There's a project or two that's been on the 'back burner' for - too long, and the Lemming hopes to change that situation.

And that's another topic.

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Brigid said...

A word in here isn't capitalized and probably should be: "It's Not Research, quite; or Education, Exactly"

The Friendly Neighborhood Proofreader

Brian Gill said...


Oops. Fixed, and thanks!

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