Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lemming Tracks: Sauk Centre Storm and the Lemming

Last week the Lemming opined about a serious dust storm in the American southwest:

"Arizona Dust Storm: THIS MAY BE THE END OF CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT!!!!! - or, not"
(July 6, 2011)

Then, Sunday evening, about 8:10 or so, the power went out. And stayed that way for 21 hours. Restoring data connections - telephone, television, and Internet - took several more hours.

The Lemming didn't have to guess why the power failed. Wind was whooshing past, first from the south, then from the northwest, more or less. Street lighting was out, but visibility wasn't a problem. a bit of greenish sunlight filtered through the clouds, and lightning was going like photoflash at a celebrity event.

Part of a tree was in the street, in front of the Lemming's house. Happily, those three lovely trees had been taken out during the 2008 Ash Street Project. One of them was practically hollow, and would have snapped off during the storm. The other two? They'd either have blocked the street or fallen on the house - maybe both.

("Thursday: Ash Street Project Takes Trees," Through One Dad's Eye (June 13, 2008))
Much better - a controlled fall, back in 2008.

I miss those trees: but I also like having an intact house, and a clear view westwards. (Through One Dad's Eye (June 13, 2008)

What's remarkable is that nobody got hurt or killed in town. With 90-mile-an-hour winds, hundreds of trees down, quite a few on vehicles or houses: that's really good news. The Lemming opined about that in another blog. ("Storm in Sauk Centre, Minnesota: Trees Down, Property Damage, No Injury," A Catholic Citizen in America (July 12, 2011))

With all that going on, you'd think the Lemming would have photos to show.

Well, the Lemming does have some photos: but they're not posted yet. Remember, the power was out for almost 24 hours, the house was offline for longer than that - and the Lemming had a whole lot of catching up to do when power came back.

Like the Monday and Tuesday posts for this blog, that aren't there. Check back in a few hours: the Lemming plans to poke around and see what's worth posting.

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Brigid said...

Lightning? "and lighting was going like photoflash"

Extra word, or something: "Happily, those three lovely trees in had been taken"

Forgot a quotation mark, and to format as two separate captions: 'Thursday: Ash Street Project Takes Trees," Through One Dad's Eye (June 13, 2008)
Much better - a controlled fall, back in 2008.'

The Friendly Neighborhood Proofreader

Brian Gill said...


Multi-oops. Found, fixed, thanks!

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