Monday, June 27, 2011

Lemming Tracks: Hey! Where'd Sunday Go?!

The Lemming was awake all the way through Sunday - afternoon naps were part of the routine, a few years ago, and may return, but they're not part of the Lemming's life at the moment.

Which has very little to do with the topic of this post. Whatever that is. The Lemming had something in mind a minute ago. It can't have gone far - - - aha! Got it.

The Lemming's household had some pleasant breaks in routine, more-or-less over the weekend. The son-in-law and #2 daughter visiting from Thursday to Saturday was one, then the Lemming's father-in-law stopped in for a chat Sunday afternoon - and stayed for supper.

The Lemming got the Sauk Centre Journal's weekly entry done:
By the time that was done, it was late: and the Lemming had a decision to make. To wash, or not to wash: that is the question. Whether 'tis better to let the dishes go until Monday morning, anon explain why the fry pan isn't clean: or face the counter's clutter. And so, sitting well in order, smite the trumpet that will never sound retreat.

The Lemming seems to have slipped from Hamlet (more or less) into Battle Hymn of the Republic, by way of Tennyson's Ulysses. Not the James Joyce one, and that's another topic.

Come to think of it, that bit sounded a bit like Joyce's contribution to incomprehensibility as a literary affectation. And that is yet again another topic.

Briefly, the Lemming decided to wash the dishes, instead of writing a post for this blog. On reflection, that still seems like a prudent choice.

However, there's still one post to do for today - and the Lemming would just as soon have something to show for what you may, or may not, have expected to see yesterday.

Eco-Tourism and Complimentary Snack Trays

By the way, the Amazon Rainforest Hotel - "The Ariau Amazon Towers - Largest Treetop Hotel in the World" is near Manaus, Brazil.

Yes, now you, too, can "Escape to the natural beauty and wild majesty of the Amazon Rainforest... Nestled in a canopy of trees above the Amazon River..." at "... the only hotel resort built completely at tree top level in the Jungle."

"Experience the ultimate in eco-tourism ... " while feeling guilty about breathing in oxygen and selfishly exhaling carbon dioxide - that only encourages wasteful growth by those plants over there. Oh, wait. They're plants: so it's okay if they grow.

Actually, staying at that treetop hotel looks like fun, and the monkeys seem to enjoy hanging around the complimentary snack trays.

Wait a Minute: What If Those Weren't Always Monkeys?

At least, the Lemming assumes that those are monkeys in the photo. Which brings up the question - by all that is sane, why is a major section of Downtown Disney called "Pleasure Island?!" They're re-imagining the area (, as of June 27, 2011) - but apparently keeping the name. Doesn't anybody watch Pinocchio any more? Remember what line of work the Coachman was in?

Oh, well: appreciation of metaphor and symbolism doesn't seem to be one of contemporary American culture's major strengths. And that is definitely another topic. Topics.

"Green" Doesn't Have to be Goofy

At this rate, the Lemming isn't going to get around to The Vermont Country Store, which isn't particularly near Manaus, or anywhere else in Brazil.

The Lemming remembers the first Earth Day. It was groovy.

The Lemming still lives on Earth, so what happens on this planet is of personal interest. Which may be why the Lemming is so annoyed when wackadoo fanatics make 'environmental awareness' sound like a psychiatric condition. Aside from practical concerns, the Lemming thinks that not pouring raw sewage in the well is a moral issue. Which may not mean what you think it does:Eco-tourism may still be controversial, or not. One (1) resort hotel, built in treetops or not, isn't likely to utterly destroy for all time the Amazonian rainforest. The local monkeys may actually have benefited from it - snack trays and all that.

The High Cost of Relevance?

The Lemming tried to discover just how much it costs to stay at the "Largest Treetop Hotel in the World" - and didn't find a price list. Which may mean that 'if you have to ask, you can't afford it.' Particularly since one of the vacation packages is called the "Berkeley Repertory Theatre Package."

All of which is okay - the Lemming made decisions that pretty much guaranteed a lifetime of not vacationing on Côte d'Azur, with a little 79-room cottage overlooking Kathmandu for seasons when (other) nouveau riche sully the pristine beaches. The Lemming isn't likely to see the inside of cruise ship, when it comes to that. So far, the tradeoffs have been excellent.1

Encouraging folks with substantial disposable incomes to dispose of some of the 'extra' in around Manaus probably makes sense. Particularly for folks living in or around Manaus. The city is an industrial center, and Brazil as a whole isn't even close to being the poorest country in the world.2 Still, folks with jobs at eco-resorts buy groceries and pay rent - and that's getting into economics. Also common sense. And yet another topic.

Which isn't saying that Brazil is a veritable Earthly Eden, where the Age of Aquarius really happened. More topics.

Bottom line? The Lemming figures that if folks with money to spend want to spend it in a few nights at a four-star tree house, where watching monkeys will help them feel good - well, there are worse ways to spend money. Much worse. Yet still more topics.

And the Lemming has got to stop writing - or this 'Monday' post won't be finished until Tuesday. If then.

Not-entirely-unrelated posts:

1 The Lemming lived on the low side of the economic spectrum by choice:
2 "Brazil," CIA World Factbook (page last updated June 9, 2011)


Brigid said...

There's a word missing near the end: "substantial disposable incomes to dispose of some in around" Specifically between the last two words.

The Friendly Neighborhood Proofreader

Brian H. Gill said...


Right. I changed that. Oddly, in the dialect I speak - using an implied phrase like that works. When the sentence is spoken. In writing - not so much.


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