Thursday, August 16, 2007

Writing a Book

Yesterday's Berkun Blog's post, "How to write a book - the short honest truth" reveals that writing a book is something almost anyone can do. Writing a good book is another matter.

Getting the thing published is yet another matter. Although access to self-publishing has gotten more more generally available.

"How to write a book" is a pretty good introduction to the subject, with links to more resources near the end.


Lisa McGlaun said...

I can recommend Betsy Lerner's book "The Forest for the Trees" and National Novel Writing Month.

Lerner's book was the most comprehensive and easily digested book I've ever read on the writing and publishing process.

NNWM is a month long challenge to write a book in a's pretty cool. I know people who've done it. Can't say the books were good but they had completed first drafts...which is the biggest challenge anyway.

Thanks for this post.

Brian H. Gill said...

You're welcome!

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