Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Intellectual Property Violation: What to Do

One thing to do, anyway.

I'm following up on an earlier post. Massive amounts of content had been copied by a "blog," Pretty Paws Stylin', and posted in Pretty Paws Stylin'. After being confronted, PPS cited sources for some of its more recent posts, and sent a rather shrill email back to the content's creator.

Aside from the ethics of the, ah, creative posting strategy employed by Pretty Paws Stylin', there was the matter of advertising revenue.

The person who wrote the content that Pretty Paws Stylin' ripped off has added a comment to the discussion strong, which includes a message from AdSense, detailing a procedure for sending an official complaint about stolen content.

The AdSense procedure is at (or near, by now) the bottom of this rather long discussion.

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