Monday, December 13, 2010

Top Eight Goofiest Photos, 2010? Quite Likely

"The eight goofiest photos of 2010"
Robert Basler, Oddly Enough (December 13, 2010)

"I am thankful every single day for the photos I get to use in this blog.

"Without them, I would just be another doofus trying to describe goofy stuff in words, and who needs that?

"I'd be like, 'Oh man, you should have seen Hillary's face when Karzai pulled a quarter out of her ear!' Or like, 'Queen Elizabeth was so cheesed off when Prince Charles described that cockroach he found in his haggis!'

"Instead, you get to see this stuff for yourselves. A short guy enjoying the view at a beauty pageant, a workman using a jackhammer with his feet…..."

Like somebody said, 'you can't make this stuff up, folks.'

Well, maybe the haggis thing is exaggerated. Not the photo - that's in the blog. I mean the cockroach. Some of my forebears come from the land of haggis and thistles - and cockroaches are not part of the recipe.

Wait a minute. Prince Charles is an English prince. Maybe returning the Stone of Scone wasn't enough for some overwrought Scot, who expressed himself with a little extra protein for the prince.

Seriously? Robert Basler's got a rare talent for this sort of thing - and this collection could very well be the absolute goofiest photos of the year.

The Lemming thought the photos and commentary were funny. Your experience may vary.

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