Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Manage - - - Like It's the 1800's!'

Scott Adams, (December 5, 2010)

The Lemming does not recommend this level of candor, when dealing with a manager. Remember: this is a comic strip.

On the other hand, the Lemming suspects that quite a few of the folks who do technical work have felt like Dilbert.

It seems hard to avoid the impression that quite a few managers and supervisors are clueless about what their employees actually do. Possibly because they were too busy doing managerial and supervisory things for the last several decades - and didn't have time to find out what keyboards are for, and why their workers don't set traps for all the mice in the office.

That's one reason that the Lemming doesn't regret not having followed a 'successful' career track. Knowing what's going on is much more satisfying. In the Lemming's opinion.

Scott Adams, Dilbert's creator, is not clueless about the Information Age: as a quick skim over the website's FAQ page will show.

The Lemming modified the 'embed' code for today's strip, so you're looking at a reduced-size copy of the original Dilbert strip. The rest is as-provided at Follow the link and you should see the original 640-pixel-wide graphic.

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