Saturday, November 6, 2010

Now This Would Make a Great Conspiracy Theory!

"And from the Dust, the Bunnies Shall Rise"
Prongs, via Cute Overload (October 26, 2010)

"I'll make you a deal, Doc: I won't tell anyone you were conducting experiments the feds would find highly suspicious, if you don't tell the world that we're now ambidextrous bipeds with a hankerin' for world domination."

Does the Lemming think that cute little rabbits like that are secretly planning to conquer the world? No. I don't think there are space aliens in Denver, either. Or that gerbils are plotting to take over Minnesota. (I made up the one about Minnesota gerbils. The space aliens thing was on the Denver ballot. (November 4, 2010))

I don't generally quote so much (all, in this case) of what I micro-review: but those Cute Overload posts are so brief that my normal excerpt ratio didn't make sense. I mean, what could we make of "I'll make...?"

You'll find the full-size photo of that rabbit on Cute Overload.


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