Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Rabbit, a Reindeer Tiara, and a Grim Sentiment

Disapproving Rabbits (November 19, 2010)

(from Gayle, via Disapproving Rabbits, used w/o permission)

"Let's wait 'til after Thanksgiving.
"For me to kill you."

Disapproving Rabbits is hard to write micro-reviews for. At least, the way the Lemming does it. Take a sentence, and you've got most - or all - of the post. Leave the photo out, and the sentence doesn't make sense. Describe the photo - which could be tedious for both of us - and half the fun's gone when you finally see it.

So: this is pretty much the whole post, as-is, from Disappearing Rabbits.

The Lemming hopes they don't mind.

And that TJ isn't quite as upset as all that, about that oversize reindeer tiara.

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