Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did You Know There's an Authentic German Restaurant Near Lake George?

Well, now you do:

Pumpernickel's Restaurant

"Welcome to Pumpernickel's Restaurant near Lake George..."

"...The area's only authentic German Restaurant, serving traditional German fare expertly prepared by our professional staff of classically-trained Chefs.

"Pumpernickel's Restaurant is located on Lakeshore Drive, Route 9N, Bolton Landing, and just 8 miles north of Lake George Village. Open daily at 5:00 mid June through Labor Day...."

That 'just 8 miles north of Lake George Village" caught the Lemming's attention. Lake George isn't a particularly big place - but we just call it "Lake George."

Some of the other place names weren't quite familiar - and I realized it wasn't Lake George, Minnesota, that Pumpernickel's Restaurant was near. It's Lake George Village, in New York state.

The address, by the way, is:

Pumpernickel's Restaurant
Lakeshore Dr.
Bolton Landing, NY 12814

Finally, it isn't phrases like "German cuisine" that, in the Lemming's opinion, mark this as a very American place, it's this discussion of a cuckoo clock:

"...Pumpernickel's is also the home of the largest cuckoo clock in the United States. Carved in the Black Forest of Germany in the early 1960's, the clock was displayed at the World’s Fair in New York and spent its first years outdoors at the Wiener Wald Restaurant in Times Square in the heart of Manhattan...."

Not just an impressive cuckoo clock: the largest cuckoo clock in the United States.

That reminded me of Chicago's Buckingham fountain: a replica of the one back in England, only lots bigger. Americans seem to think big: And that's another topic.

Almost-entirely-unrelated post:

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