Monday, April 28, 2008

Like, Wow! Medicinal Marijuana in Minnesota

I took a phone call from an advocacy group a few minutes ago. It was the usual survey approach, asking something like 'do you approve of the medicinal use of marijuana in Minnesota?'

Medicinal marijuana is already legal in Minnesota.1

I could be wrong, but my guess is that the existing Minnesota law isn't good enough. At least, for some people.

Having experienced the sixties first-hand, I can understand why.

People around Los Angeles, for example, were suffering because the pot vending machine at San Fernando Valley's Timothy Leary Medical Dispensary2, was only available during business hours.

When you need a fix, you need a fix, man!

Los Angeles addressed the plight of potless people by allowing "medical cannabis dispensaries" to be scattered around the city, in places like Herbal Nutrition Center. These buzz-o-matics are available 24-7.

I don't know of other prescription drugs that have to be available 24-7, from vending machines. But, Los Angeles is an innovative city. I understand that fast-food drive-throughs went big time there: maybe fast-fix vending machines are the next 'in' thing.

Previous post on this topic:
1 Minnesota statute 152.125.2 allows the prescription of specific classes of controlled substances in cases on "intractable pain." Minnesota's law allows people in pain to get relief, "provided the physician keeps accurate records of the purpose, use, prescription, and disposal of controlled substances, writes accurate prescriptions, and prescribes medications in conformance with chapter 147." Makes sense to me.

2 I didn't make up that name.

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