Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wanted: Columbus
Dead or - (oh, Right)

Christopher Columbus wanted poster

These days, I can't tell when someone is making an over-the-top joke, and when the joke is supposed to be taken seriously. For example, that one tribe that's forcing the University of North Dakota to drop their team name, "The Fighting Sioux."

Say, I'm half Norwegian! Maybe I should round a few people named Sven and Leena, and insist that the Minnesota Vikings is demeaning our proud heritage. Do you realize that those guys don't even use swords?!

Back to Columbus, who also stole credit from the Vikings (the real ones) for reaching the Americas first: I think the poster's funny.

By the way, the Vikings stole credit from an Irish monk named Brendan (I'm almost half Irish).

And all of those Europeans were shut out by another part of the family, about 20,000 years ago.

Things get complicated, when you start trying to be inclusive.

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