Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gerbils Anonymous: Cute Photos, Common-Sense Advice

Gerbils Anonymous

"...This is Larry, R, sapphire born about 1-15 April 2002. Fathered two litters. Left, Buddy, black pied male son, born 11-18-02 from Larry and Stripe, a pied/spotted black. Larry's pups all have nice full tufts. (the thing in the background is a jewelry display support, it's not in their jumbo kritter keeper) Larry's a lousy nestmaker but a great pupsitter. He can sleep through all sorts of havoc too. He samples and digs in hands but is pretty gentle. Adopted and lives in Denver!...."

Gerbil owners of the world rejoice! You're not the only one who wondered if your pet gerbil was healthy - and how to keep the little nibbler that way. From the Medical Index page of Gerbils Anonyymous:

"...GerbilsAnonymous and Celtic Clique Gerbils have teamed up--the first aid/help index on Celtic Clique's website links to here. You're more than welcome to browse and help yourself. Links are scattered throughout to let you get back to her site when you're done here...."

Gerbils are Not Hamsters

The creator of Gerbils Anonymous told the Lemming about the differences between gerbils and hamsters - one tends to stink and the other doesn't, but the Lemming doesn't remember which is which.

No matter: the Lemming's household won't be getting another furry critter to care for. With the Lemming in residence, the Lemming's wife has quite enough on her hands.

Back to Gerbils Anonymous. The Medical Index page links to what seems like common-sense advice to the Lemming, with this (equally common-sense, in the Lemming's opinion) disclaimer:

"...I offer the following related pages from my experience. You can read and use anything from here AT YOUR OWN RISK. I accept NO liability and NO responsibility for what's presented here, how it's used, or what the outcome may be. These are things that have worked for me, there are exceptions to every rule...."

Awareness that quite a lot of health care for humans are 'things that have worked for me, there are exceptions to every rule' seems to be filtering into the Medical professions in this country - - - and that's another topic.

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