Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Dog, a Toddler, and a Long, Cold Night

"Family dog kept watch over missing 2-year-old overnight"
WIS News 10 (April 1, 2011, updated April 2, 2011)

"A missing 2-year-old boy in Elgin was found Saturday morning after Kershaw County deputies say the family dog kept him warm and safe all night.

"Sheriff Jim Matthews said 22-month-old Tyler Jacobson was reunited with his family after he was found across the street behind a neighbor's home when someone reported hearing crying in the area.

"Tyler was reported missing around 8:00pm Friday from a residence on Ashley Creek Drive. Matthews said the boy's mother, 25-year-old Jacklyn Marie Jacobson, and her boyfriend Jose Gloria told investigators Tyler went to get some juice and didn't come back.

"Kershaw County deputies used a bloodhound tracking team and a SLED helicopter with infrared capabilities, but called the search off around 12:30am Saturday. The search resumed around 7:45am, and the boy was found shortly thereafter. 'Just thinking that a dog would watch a baby over the night, it's kind of like a movie instead of real life,' said Emily DuBose, who lives in the house outside which the baby was found...."

Overnight temperatures were in the 40s, Fahrenheit: so besides a measure of security, the unnamed dog (unnamed in the article, that is) provided young Tyler with warmth.

As for the situation being "kind of like a movie instead of real life," the Lemming agrees that it's a bit like a premise for the old Lassie show.

On the other hand, dogs are proverbially loyal critters - some more than others, of course.

The Lemming's just glad Tyler had a guardian that night.

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Brigid said...

Dogs are awesome. That is all.

Brian Gill said...


Indeed. ;)

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