Sunday, February 24, 2008

MegaTokyo the Comic: Online, Strange, and Funny

Frederick M. Gallagher III
"relax, we understand j00"

  • Largo, who spends most of his time fleeing on a stolen muffin scooter, and once appeared in a teddy bear costume because he thought he needed a disguise.
  • Piro, who has exactly no self-esteem, yet manages to be cool - usually by accident - when he wants Kimiko to like him.
  • Kimiko, who became an overnight celebrity, and is having a difficult time dealing with it.
And lots of other characters.

There seem to be zombies involved, various otaku1 who Largo mistakes for zombies, the Cataclysm Department of the Tokyo Police, and Rent-A-Zilla.

My daughter introduced me to MegaTokyo yesterday. She tells me that the overgrown T-Rexoid with a titanic dog collar I saw in today's MegaTokyo front page was from Rent-A-Zilla. It was stomping zombies.

I'm told that the gags are funnier, if you know L33t2.
1 Otaku: Intensely dedicated, hard-core fans of sci-fi, computer games, anime and manga.
2 L33t: Also Leet, Leetspeak, 1337, or l337. A phonetic form of the English word "elite," also the name of a written form of English traditionally used on the Internet. Non-alphabetic characters stand for some letters, and there are some spelling changes, like "z" for a final "s" and "x" for "(c)ks". (More, including cultural background, at "Labor Law Talk Dictionary.")

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