Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stark, Raving, Mad Label: Contents: Peanuts / Warning: Contains Peanuts

This doesn't have anything to do with the Web or information technology, but it was too crazy to ignore.

That's a bottle of peanuts. I blew up part of the label, so you could see that you really aren't imagining things.
  • You can see the peanuts inside
  • On the front of the bottle, it says "Peanuts"
  • The label reads, in part
I acknowledge that, somewhere in the latter part of the 20th century, part of the human race became allergic to peanuts: but in the name of sanity, why is it necessary to warn people that a clear bottle of peanuts, labeled "peanuts," whose ingredients list is headed by the word "peanuts," needs an additional "ALLERGY WARNING: PEANUTS"??!!


Brigid said...

It's regulations. All products containing peanuts, nuts, soy, milk, and/or wheat are required to have a warning label after the ingredients list mentioning the allergenic contents.

Whether it makes sense or not.

Coffee. Warning! Contents may be hot!


Brian H. Gill said...


'It ain't suppos'd to make sense, Joe. It's reg'lations.'

Whatever else one can say about living in this era: it isn't boring.

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