Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, Figs, Freyja, and the Letter "N"

Friday is what keeps Thursday from running into Saturday. It's either the fifth or sixth day of the week, or the last day of the work week, or the day that isn't Labor Day in the United States: ever.

It's named after Venus, or would be if English wasn't a Germanic language. Folks called it Frīġedæġ when English was Old English - but oddly enough it's not called New English now. The language, that is: not the day. That's Friday.

The Lemming had something in mind: not figs, but sort of like that.

Right! Frīġedæġ means the "day of Frigg," which doesn't have anything to do with figs. Frigg is supposed to be the Old English goddess Frige, sort of like the Norse Freyja, or maybe not.

And none of them have anything to do with figs. Unless maybe they'd have liked Fig Newtons, which weren't invented yet. On the other hand, Fig Newtons are made by the Nabisco company, "Newton," "Nabisco," and "Norse" all start with "N" - and there isn't a single "N" in Frigg, Freyja, Friday, or Saturday either.

And if that isn't suspicious, the Lemming doesn't know conspiracy theories.

Most of this came from the Wikipedia page about Friday, except for what happened after the Lemming stayed up too late.

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