Friday, April 19, 2013

No Google Reader After June, But RSS Goes On

"How to Keep Following eagereyes After the End of Google Reader"
Robert Kosara, Blog, eagereyes (April 7, 2013)

"With Google Reader shutting down July 1st, now is the time to find alternative ways to follow your favorite blogs. For this one, you can now get new postings on Facebook and through a dedicated Twitter feed, in addition to the RSS feed. See below for some RSS aggregator/reader alternatives to Google Reader.

"Facebook and Twitter

"I don't use Facebook and Twitter to follow feeds, that's what I have my RSS reader for. But for people who like doing that, perhaps using Flipboard or similar, I have now created pure feed accounts. No talking, just links to new postings...."

The Google Reader has been a pretty good service, one the Lemming used occasionally. But as Robert Kosara points out, it's not the only way to keep track of blogs.

An important point is that RSS will still be around. Depending on who's talking, RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It's a way to publish frequently-updated online content in a more-or-less standardized format. Google Reader used RSS, but it's far from the only RSS reader around.

In a way, today's situation reminds the Lemming of the days when America Online (AOL) was doing a good job of marketing its online community. Some folks seemed to think that AOL and the Internet were pretty much the same thing, and that's another topic.

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