Friday, March 30, 2012

Lilli the Six-Legged Calf

"Six-legged Swiss calf uncowed by disability"
Associated Press, via (March 29, 2012)

"A six-legged calf has defied the odds by thriving despite a vet's prediction at birth that it wouldn't survive.

"Seven-week-old Lilli is now a minor celebrity in her native Switzerland after local media were splashed with images of the calf frolicking across a sunny field...."

Andreas Knutti, the farmer who owns Lilli, said he decided not to euthanize the six-legged critter "because she was 'so full of life.' " Aside from the extra legs, Lilli has a non-standard curve in her spine that apparently means she won't be a "normal milk cow." Just what that means, the AP article didn't say.

"...But Knutti says if the calf stays healthy she'll still be allowed to join the others when they head for their Alpine pastures this summer...."
(Associated Press, via

The Lemming will forgo comments about Rudolph the ostracized reindeer. Or getting serious about disabilities, or cattle, or psychological ramifications of dysfunctional peer bonding.

It's Friday, and the Lemming is looking forward to the weekend.

And the Lemming is glad Mr. Knutti let Lilli live.

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