Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lemming Tracks: Candles, Reports, Meetings, and a Busy Lemming

This has been a hectic 10 days for the Lemming. Take today's post, for example. Not this one, the "Museum of Modern Art: MoMA isn't a Japanese Cartoon Character" one that was supposed to get posted about seven hours ago.

That post's time stamp looks okay: but nobody could read it until a few minutes ago.

Sorry about that.

Candles, Video, and the Lemming

All of which has nothing to do with this post's video about a candle that burns in a circle. Candles like that are what's been keeping the Lemming busy. They're made by Spiral Light Candle Corporation. ("A Candle With a Twist")

Now, some blatant self-promotion:

Work, North Dakota, and a Busy Lemming

At this moment, the Lemming is wrapping up some work at the Spiral Light Candle office in Hillsboro, North Dakota. Near Hillsboro, actually. We're about two miles out of town.

Until today, the Lemming could get his work done at his own desk, down in central Minnesota. That's good news for the Lemming, and an example of working from home, telecommuting, and other Information Age stuff. The Lemming's discussed Flash, a movie about coffee, and clueless supervisors in another blog: which doesn't have much to do with finding more space for Spiral Light Candle's factory.

Finding more floor space for a candle factory is what brought the Lemming to North Dakota. Spiral Light Candle is looking for a building to move into early next year: and the Lemming's presence was wanted at a meeting involved in that process. All of which may sound more highfalutin than it really is.

The meeting's over, the Lemming's been getting a bit more work done, and soon it'll be time to head back to Minnesota.

Life, Blogging, and All That

The next post in this blog should get posted Friday morning, which gives the Lemming a whole day to get something ready. If writing for this blog was all that the Lemming did, that'd be plenty of time: but there's more to life than blogging, even for an apathetic Lemming.

See you Friday morning: probably.

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