Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Rapture' and a Rattled Raccoon

"That's a Wrap, Sure"
Not That Mike The Other Mike, Cute Overload (May 22, 2011 )

"Wait… we're all still here? N-nothing happened?"

(Peter/Not That Mike The Other Mike, via Cute Overload, used w/o permission)

"No earthquakes? No torrents of fire? No express elevator to Heaven?..."

"...Sender-inner Peter notes that he thought he was staking out an owl's nest, but this raccoon appeared instead. Perhaps the owl just (pause for effect) disappeared."

The Cute Overload post has three more photos - each slightly larger than this copy. You'll probably want to read the mouse-over test, too.

The Lemming thought this sequence of photos, the captions - and the 'alt' text - were funny. Your experience may vary, of course.

Not-completely-unrelated posts:

Seriously, though: The Lemming realizes that a fair number of folks in America believed Mr. Camping, the radio preacher who made the latest 'Rapture' prediction. Some of them spent money like there was no tomorrow - and May 22, 2011, came anyway. That's not funny.

The Cute Overload photos and captions? That, for the Lemming, is funny.

Why does the Lemming react this way to yet one more 'End Times prophecy' not coming out as-advertised? Maybe these posts in another blog by the Lemming will explain:Or, maybe not.

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