Friday, May 13, 2011

Lemming Tracks: The Last of the Blogger Crash?

Both posts in this blog that were (temporarily) lost during the 30-hour-plus Blogger crash this week are back. One of them even had an accurate time-and-date stamp.

That was before the Lemming fixed a glitch in the posts' tags.

Here's a sample of the 'funny' tags:

Just to make things more interesting, that character string, complete with weird characters, showed up when the Lemming tried keying tags into a new post.

Apparently the 'auto-fill' feature in Blogger interpreted any character as those 'funny' ones.

The temporarily-lost post from May 12, 2011 got a new time-and-date stamp when the Lemming saved it, with corrected tags, this evening. That was an easy fix.

On the other hand, the Lemming feels that this bodes ill for Blogger's zowie-keen new Blogger version.

The Lemming has nothing against 'upgrades,' provided that they actually work - and don't make routine processes more difficult.

Then there's the recurring IT department nightmare: management-mandated upgrades just before critical high-use periods. Like Thanksgiving-to-Christmas in American retail stores.

Oh, well, at least Blogger has been working pretty much okay this evening.

The Lemming hopes we've seen the first - and last - big Blogger crash this year.

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