Saturday, March 12, 2011

Interior Design: Something a Little Different

Terry Hurt Interior Design
Truckee, California

"At Terry Hurt Interior Design, we enjoy the community where we live and it shows through our work. ... While the majority of our projects are right here at home in the Sierras, we do have projects that span from the wine country of California to Oregon, Alabama, and Florida...."

(from Terry Hurt Interior Design, used w/o permission)

The Lemming's sometimes gotten the idea that "interior design" is supposed to be something that's done in places like New York City, Los Angeles, Singapore, and other major metropolitan areas. And that it involves spending enormous sums of money on shiny metal, glass, and - for the 'sustainable' folks - rusty equipment sheds.

That's not the way it is, of course. Although "interior design" tends to focus on the more upscale settings, where folks have a discretionary budget that'll accommodate paying someone to pick out the drapes and wallpaper. Or whatever.

What impressed the Lemming about the Terry Hurt Interior Design home page was the style of the interiors on display. There's more than that slide show, on the "Galleries" page. Warm colors and traditional materials are not what the Lemming would necessarily have expected.

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