Friday, June 20, 2008

Programmable Metallization Cell (PMC): One Terabyte of Data in a Little Package

"How to fit 1TB of data on one tiny thumbdrive" (October 29th 2007)

"New memory better, cheaper and more efficient than flash

" Scientists at Arizona State University have created a new kind of solid state memory that they say is much cheaper and more efficient than flash. And crucially, because it uses a new kind of nanotechnology, storage capacities will be much higher than anything we have today, for a tenth of the cost.

"The new memory is called programmable metallization cell (PMC) and one terabyte (1TB) USB thumbdrives are said to be just a few years away. The largest commercially available flash drives today are only 32GB in size - 30 times smaller and very pricey...."

Very pricey now. I suspect that I may live long enough to see these things put in cereal boxes.

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