Friday, November 28, 2014

Double Planets Possible

Earlier this month, some humans announced that they'd done the math: and collisions like the one involving Earth a few billion years back can end with two Earth-size planets, orbiting each other.

The Lemming found a pretty good writeup about their research, complete with an "artist's concept" that probably isn't all that inaccurate. It's certainly a cool picture:
Not just any old collision will do: but they got double planets in a third of their simulations.

How many double planets there are, what fraction are roughly Earth-size, and how many of those have the qualities that makes Earth comfortable for humans — that's something that the Lemming is confident humans will figure out. Given time.

About this post's picture? It's strictly fictional. Not a photo. Definitely not: and the Lemming's sticking with that story.

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