Friday, February 14, 2014

Of Ravens and Rhymes: But Not Writing-Desks

Mercifully, the Lemming recalled that Poe's poem about a monomaniacal raven was loosed amid cries of "havoc!" last September. (September 13, 2013)

No, wait that's Antony's line: not in A. and Cleopatra, the other one. "Julius Caesar:" not to be confused with Orange Julius, or Jules Verne.

Since the Sochi Winter Olympics are still going strong, or cold, or whatever: the Lemming thought it only fitting to ponder, weak and weary, over many a — no, that's about a monomaniacal raven: not that saying "nevermore" necessarily constitutes mania. If your life won't be complete unless you read Poe's poem, here's a link: "The Raven," Edgar Allan Poe.

That reminded the Lemming of an unaccountable lacuna in the Olympic lineup. Why have the Olympic committees utterly overlooked the snicker-snack double biathlon?!

Maybe it's due to pressure from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Jabberwocks. Or perhaps something more sinister. Dares the Lemming say it — ravens?!

It's Valentine's Day today, by the way: thankfully, the Lemming did not forget. And that's another topic.

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