Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Bright, Shiny, and Spins: the Mall of America's Americana Carousel

"Minnesota Carousels (page 1)"
Bloomington, MN

"The 'Americana' Carousel at the Mall of America is a reproduction style carousel ('a hand-painted contemporary version of the classic American merry-go-round'). It features 34 figures and one chariot. Despite its lack of historic value, it is in great shape and wonderful in its garishness which will hopefully instill appreciation for carousels and ensure their preservation."

"Garishness?" One of the photos of's page shows a (horse? hippocampus? seahorse?) that's a bright, intense blue - and very shiny. If the photographer had taken a step to the right or left, light might not have been reflected into the lens quite so much.

That said, the carousel critters are new. And still have that fresh-from-the-factory shine. Which, along with the amusement-park colors, make them anything but subtle.

Here's a photo of the carousel, taken by someone else: who used existing light. Interestingly, the animals don't look quite so garish this way:

(Baseball Bugs, via Wikimedia Commons/Wikipedia, used w/o permission)
Mall of America Carousel

Maybe, decades from now, when the Americana Carousel isn't quite so shiny, folks will remember those shiny horses, cat, goat, and - thing. Then it'll be 'historic.'

Which is pretty much what happened to the Cafesjian carousel: which is another topic.

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