Sunday, October 21, 2007

Making Money? Blogging? Apparently

(Thanks to VioletsVintage, on BlogCatalog, for bringing this article to my attention.)

"Yes, some blogs are profitable - very profitable," in today's San Francisco Chronicle, starts with an account of a blog that started as a hobby and wound up needing a CEO.

That doesn't mean that every blog will be a bonanza. Most are, well, the sort of thing that oozes out of those low spots in the back 40. the SFC article said, "But out of that morass, an elite of professionally produced blogs has risen thanks to their quality of writing, originality of thought and usefulness of information."

Like everything else: unless you're someone like Paris Hilton, you have to work to succeed.

As for P.H. - no, that's a whole different topic.

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